str – 14(1)
dex – 16 (
con – 18 (+3)
wis – 12
chr – 11
intel – 10


banded mail
torches 8
silk rope 50’
light crossbow
quarrels 19
silver dagger
hand axe (2)

2 healing potions
powder (see card) – will only use when player is present

experience points 5001 + 112 + 332 + bonus % if any
level 3
hit points: 11 + 3 (14) + 7 (21) + 4 (25)
Armor class = 1 with shield, 2 without shield

Standard tactics:
Willing to open doors, shoot crossbow at range, throw handaxe at enemies closing on his position, pull second handaxe to fight. Prefers to crouch to aid firing of allies over him into oncoming forces. Likes to maneuver to get to wounded enemies and to clear line of fire for allies to use ranged attacks or to charge. Aggressive when pressing the attack, will use full defense to help hold line during withdraws. Typically doesn’t worry about healing until down at least 10, or 7 in a fight. Won’t use healing potions until down to 12 or below remaining hit points and only then if no clerical healing or bandaging is available.

Can detect traps on a 1 or 2 on a d6.
Is very aware of things overhead. Will routinely scan up when entering a room, especially if there are signs something that crawls walls might be around.
When it comes to crossbow use, he tends toward cnoservative with bolts, typically limiting use to one before switching to handaxes. Once he gets plenty more bolts this won’t be an issue.



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