Martin the Ineluctable

Scrappy, street-smart mage looking for profit and adventure (in distinctly that order)


Magic-user, level 5
XP: 26,209
Alignment: Chaotic
HP: 17
THAC0: 18
Combat movement: 40’
AC: 5

Str: 10
Dex: 16 (2)
Con: 14 (
Int: 11
Wis: 18 (+3)
Cha: 12

Spells in memory:
Level 1: Sleep, magic missile
Level 2: phantasmal force*, invisibility*
Level 3: Fireball

In mountains or similar height-challenging terrain, Martin will take levitate instead of invisibility. If in a safe location, he can take detection or reading spells to gather information. If preparing to face only sleep-immune enemies, may take two magic missiles.

Dagger (5), dmg 1d4, range 10/20/30
Silver dagger, dmg 1d4, range 10/20/30
Darts (15), dmg 1d4, range 15/30/45

Gold: 1,772
Silver: 50

2 potions of healing (1d6+1)
Trail rations, 40 days
Martin’s spellbook:sleep, light, detect magic, detect invisible, detect evil, read languages, magic missile, shield, charm, web, knock, levitate, phantasmal force, invisibility, fireball, hold person, fly
Golthar’s spell book: magic missile, shield, sleep, detect magic, detect evil, detect invisible, read languages, knock, levitate, web, read languages, fly, hold person
flint and steel
1 large sack
3 small sacks
50ft silk rope
scroll case
continual light stick on chain with cover
wand of device negation – 10 charges
potion of sweetwater
scroll of web
9 flasks of oil
mage’s messenger-style bag
bell, muffled
receipt for horses

Wand of Golthar (charges 0)- Only a magic-user or elf can use the item. The wand can produce several spell-like effects, and may only produce one effect per round. The following effects require the expenditure of 1 charge: burning hands shoots forth a triangular ray of fire 12’ long with a 10’ wide ending width. Any being within this area of effect suffers 2d4 hp damage; pyrotechnics may be produced from the wand, and mimics the spell of the same name.

The wand may produce the following effects with the expenditure of 2 charges: a fireball may be shot from the wand, performing exactly as the spell of the same name, as if cast from a 6th level character. It deals 6d6 hp damage to all within the area of effect (save versus wands for half damage). A wall of fire may be produced, like the spell of the same name cast from a 6th level character. The wall may be formed into a 22’ diameter circle surrounding the wand wielder.


Martin grew up as a street kid, parentage unknown. Even his race is indeterminate, given his coloring. He’s no stranger to hardship and deprivation, having done whatever it took to survive.

As a young boy, he found himself inexplicably drawn to one of the poor quarter’s equivalent of a hedge wizard. Martin shadowed him, watching him dispense minor charms, drink heavily, dispute politics in the tavern, drink heavily, argue publicly with irate clients, drink heavily, etc.

After a few days of Martin’s supposedly stealthy observation, the wizard confronted him, shouting that he should “Shove off!” Martin, frightened but undeterred, continued following at a more discreet distance. After days of this, the wizard (named Arturo), must have sensed some hidden talent beneath the layers of grime and took a slightly softer tone. He offered Martin the chance to become his servant, which soon led to an apprenticeship. Martin’s persistent shadowing of Arturo earned him the descriptor “Ineluctable” which he adopted with relish.

Martin the Ineluctable

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