Notable PCs met by the party:

Stephan – Met in Kelvin. He hired the party to travel to Sukiskyn, his brother Pyotr’s farm. From there the PCs are to guard a herd of white horses on the journey to Rifflian.

Kalanos – Skipper of the Marilenev’s Pride, a river barge that the characters rode out of Kelvin. Kalanos was wounded at Ilykana, and is now resting in Sukiskyn.

Zak A (currently) charmed member of the Iron Ring. Zak was killed by the party when he shook off the charm effects.

Pyotr – Familial head of the Sukiskyn homestead. Stephan’s brother.

Gregor – A lumberjack from the Ilykana logging camp, currently with the party as they attempt to rescue the people taken prisoner by the Wolfskull goblins.

Masha – A young widowed mother at Sukiskyn, whom Fyodor has been spending time with.

Babushka – An elderly woman rescued from the Wolfskull goblins.

Loshad – A centaur, or centaur-like “horse spirit” who lives on the moors.

Kalkask A vicious lycanthrope cleric, part of Bailakask’s pack. Killed by the party to fulfill their bargain with Loshad.

Bailakask A huge werewolf that had terrorized the moors. Killed by the party to fulfill their bargain with Loshad.

Master Basil A Thyatian scholar who lives in Kelvin.


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