Places the PCs have been or have heard of:

Kelvin: A large trading town (pop. ≈10,000) located at the confluence of the Windrush, Hillfollow, and Highreach rivers. (Known to the Traladarans as the Wufwolde, Shutturga, and Volaga rivers, respectively). The town is fortified with a stone wall, but extensive caravan and livestock pens are located out side the city proper.

Sukiskyn: A farmstead in the Dymrak forest, east of the Highreach River.

Rifflian: A village on the Windrush River, NW of Kelvin. It is the main trading point for dealing with the Callari Elves, who live in the forest to the west of the river.

Ilyakana: A lumber camp along the Shuttark River. Burnt out by goblins.

Segenev: A farmstead north of Sukiskyn, destroyed by goblins.

Petrified Forest: A strange patch of the Dymrak where something, apparently long ago, turned every living thing to stone. The Wolfskull goblins have some sort of base or fort here.

Other places of note:
Specularum: The capital of Karameikos. Located on the southern coast. (pop. ≈50,000). The duke’s palace is here, as well as a thriving seaport.

Castellan Keep: A fortified keep far to the North, where Pavel spent a bit of time before coming south to Kelvin.


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