Most of the known world uses the Thyatian (Imperial) calendar for ease of use. The campaign takes place in the year AC 1000 (1000 years after the crowning of the first Thyatian emperor) The party left Kelvin on the 7th day of Thaumont, in the early spring.

The months of the year are, in order, are Nuwmont, Vatermont, Thaumont, Flaurmont, Yarthmont, Klarmont, Felmont, Fyrmont, Ambyrmont, Sviftmont, Eirmont, and Kaldmont. The days of the week are Lunadain, Gromdain, Tserdain, Moldain, Nytdain, Loshdain, and Soladain.

Ac1000 cal

Some dates to know:
1 Nuwmont = New Year’s Day
1 Thaumont = 1st day of spring (equinox)
1 Klarmont = 1st day of summer (solstice)
1 Felmont = Traladaran holiday celebrating the legendary victory of King Halav over the beast men.
1 Ambyrmont = 1st day of autumn (equinox)
28 Sviftmont = Duke Stefan’s birthday
1 Kaldmont = 1st day of winter (solstice)


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