Night's Dark Terror

6th Tserdain - 7th Moldain, Yarthmont AC1000

The storm blew out by morning and the party left the caves. They continued to follow the road until they reached another ravine with a bridge. This bridge, however, was broken. The party decided to work their way around the ravine (a journey of several miles over rough terrain). As they went along, Ollimarus spotted what looked like a cave down below on the far side of the gorge. When the party reach the other side, Roger climbed down to investigate. He tried to approach quietly, but some loose rocks rattled off a boulder and echoed across the ravine floor. There was a snort and a huge lizard skittered out of the cave and charged the thief.

Roger ran away as fast as he could over the rocky ground and threw Dust of Disappearance over himself before changing course. The ruse worked and the lizard lost track of him quickly.

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Martin use his Fireball spell on the beast from above and badly singed it, causing it to flee back to the cave. Roger fired with his bow, confident in his invisibility.

Martin then cast Levitation on himself and –with Ollimarus lashed to him– stepped off the bridge. The pair floated down to the ravine floor.

The three adventurers made short work of the lizard in its lair, but found little of interest. By the time the group was together again on the road it was time to rest.

The next morning, Martin was feverish. He had caught some sort of illness from searching the lizard’s refuse. Fortunately, Pavel was able to magically cure him.

The group pressed on and after a few hours, reach the end of the road. Another gap with a fallen bridge was before them, but on the other side was a pair of massive stone gates. Presumably the entrance to the lost valley.

The cliff sides were sheer, and even Roger was hesitant to climb them. The party rigged ropes and started lowering people down to the ravine floor. When Nightlie was being lowered, Wolfirth –who was taking the lead on holding the line– slipped and stumbled forward. The line paid out freely and Nightlie plummeted. Martin, Roger, and Wolfirth managed to grab the line, but only in time to slow her fall slightly. She hit the ground hard and it took all her healing magic for the day to get her back on her feet.

It was at this point that Martin decided to use the Levitation spell to lower the rest of the group magically.

The Foamfire came out of the slopes beyond the bridge, and moved upstream a bit to find a decent fording. Once across, Wolfirth demanded his 10 gold piece bonus for helping them find the source. Martin paid him and the group looked for a place to spend the night.

As the slept against the far cliff face. Two rust monsters came out of the rocks and lumbered toward Pavel, who was on watch. Though his magical chain armor withstood the corrosive tentacles, it was still damaged by the attacks. He fled, throwing gold pieces on the ground to distract the beasts and called out to wake the group.

Roger seized Nightlie’s magic shield and ran away from the monsters, trying to protect her most valuable item. Martin fired Magic Missiles at one creature while Pavel cast Continual Light one the other’s eyes. With one creature blinded and the other wounded, the pair of monsters fled into the rocks, the blinded one casting crazy shadows from its eyes.

The next morning, Martin levitated everyone up to the gates and on top of the walls above them. Beyond, they could see an overgrown road leading off into a rocky valley.



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