Night's Dark Terror

6th Gromdain - 8th Moldain Flaurmont, AC 1000

The group broke camp early in the morning and headed downriver toward Kelvin. Stephan mentioned the possibility of turning east to Sukiskyn, but the party was eager to get their spoils to town. By the end of the afternoon, the party was still a ways off from the town, but nearing the former werewolf lair they’d cleared out at Loshad’s request. Since it was a defensible place to spend the night, they carefully scouted it out for hostile creatures before entering the canyon. Apart from a nasty surprise in the form of several large rats that had made a lair in one of the side caves, the party was able to rest out of the burgeoning rain for the night.

The next day, the air was colder and the rain harder. The party pressed on toward Kelvin. They were still several miles away when Stephan, riding in the rear, shouted a warning. A huge wyvern was diving at him and his mount! Stephan was flung aside as the creature’s stinger plunged into the horse’s flank, killing it instantly.

Roger fired his bow, and both clerics unsuccessfully attempted to blind the monster with Light spells. Martin, however, drew the wand he’d taken from the mage at Xitaqa and unleashed a fireball at the wyvern. The creature shrieked as it was scorched. Maddened with pain, it dove at the mage, clamped its jaws onto him, and stung him with its tail. Martin fell from the saddle. The rest of the party managed to down the beast, but Martin was dead.

Roger and Ollimarus beheaded then partially skinned the beast, and took its stinger. They hoped to make armor of the hide and possibly sell the the other parts.

Slinging the resultant trophies to the horse, they hurried to town, reaching Kelvin that afternoon. Pavel went to the main temple of the Traladaran church and spoke to Father Karl, a city priest he’d met before. Father Karl agreed to speak to the high priest about the possibility of restoring Martin to life and asked the party to return in the morning. Martin’s body was left in the safe-keeping of the temple mortuary.

The next morning, the group returned to the temple. Father Karl informed them that a high priest would consent to performing the powerful and draining ritual, the suggested donation for which would be five thousand gold pieces. If successful, Martin would need time to rest and recover his strength, though. Money was exchanged and that afternoon: the venerable high priest, Bishop Balahov, appeared in his finery and proceeded with the rites.

Several minutes of chanting and acolytes waving censers later, Martin’s body convulsed as it suddenly drew breath. Martin the Ineluctable lived again!

The mage was grateful, but almost helpless with fatigue. Nitely cast her own Cure spells to help restore Martin’s strength somewhat, but he was still far from recovered. The party decided to remain in Kelvin for a time, letting Martin recuperate while he read through Golthar’s spellbook and the group sold off some loot, as well as explored the possibility of finding magical items for sale.

They also found a mage willing to attempt an Identify spell on some of the items they’d found. Alas, the spells proved mostly useless. But the pink jade ring was determined to allow control of certain magical statues. The group figured it must be for the pink statues they saw at Xitaqa. Through trial and error, Roger found that the other ring Golthar had been wearing was a Ring of Protection and proposed to keep it, but Martin was not convinced the ring shouldn’t be used by himself. Pavel put on the silver medallion and claimed he felt wiser, but no one was quite sure what the exact effects really were.



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