Night's Dark Terror

3rd Soladain - 5th Gromdain, Yarthmont, AC1000

The clerics healed Ollimarus a bit, then the group started up the road again, but there was little sign of shelter. Returning to the bridge, Roger scanned the gorge with his spyglass. Luckily, he spotted a cave on the north face of the cliffs. Some rigging of ropes and clambering over rocks later, and the party was in what appeared to be the chimera’s lair. They pushed old bones aside to make room to rest, and in the process uncovered and moldering backpack with a goodly number of coins in it.

The next morning, some ogres were spotted hunting on the other side of the gorge, but the party stayed out of sight and let them pass. The dwarf was still recovering from his wounds, so the group decided to rest a second day, confident that no predators would invade a chimera’s lair.

On the morning of the 5th, the party clambered back out of the cave and returned to the road. Feeling a bit trapped between the cliffs above and below, Roger suggested that they return to the ridgeline above the path and follow the road from the high ground.

It was past midday when their journey was interrupted by the sight of huge stone giant on top of a hillock hefting a boulder in one hand and holding an enormous stone club in the other. He seemed uncertain about whether to attack, waiting to see what the group would do. He was flanked by two grizzly bears who stood waiting like trained hounds. As no one in the group knew the language of giants, Pavel decided to cast Speak with Animals so her could talk to the bears. Unfortunately, the giant so the spellcaster begin his incantation and feared a magical attack. He hurled the boulder, striking the cleric and the battle was joined!


The fight was over fairly quickly, and the party emerged battered but victorious. The giant lay dead, one of the bears had been blinded by a Light spell then dispatched, the other had fled after being hit several times. Rumors of giants’ treasure lured the group to attempt tracking it back to its lair.

Stone giant with rock

After some searching, the party found a shaft in the mountaintop that seemed to lead down into a rocky cave. Inside, they found one tunnel that led to a cavern where a second giant tended a fire! The group managed to kill it, but was knocked about a fair bit again. Ollimarus’ dwarven hammer had devastated both of the stone giants. The cavern held no treasure, frustrating Roger and Martin particularly. Investigating the second tunnel revealed the wounded bear’s den. It fought but was near death already. Buried in the den was the giants’ loot, and the party brought it back up to the main cave to investigate. As it was late in the afternoon, they decided to camp there, hoping no more giants might show up in the night. As darkness fell, clouds rolled in and there was a distant rumble of thunder. The party was grateful for the shelter and the cache of firewood, as it looked like the weather was taking a turn for the worse.



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