Night's Dark Terror

12th Gromdain - 15th Nytdain, Yarthmont AC 1000

The party returned to the temple the next morning and investigated the western side of the above ground portions. The first contained another room with a silver bowl and hutaakan frescoes (like to the east). they battled skeletons and zombies again, but when Pavel attempted to turn them, a strange purple light flashed around the undead and they were unaffected! When Nitely tried after Pavel, some of the creatures did flee through a stone door, which swung slowly shut on balanced hinges.

When Ollimarus opened the door, a flash of light dazzled the eyes of Roger, Pavel, Ollimarus, and Nitely. The thief and dwarf managed to shut their eyes against it, but the clerics were struck blind!

Beyond the door was a room full of shelves full of books and papers. Oh, and undead that were returning to the fight!


With Martin guiding Pavel and Roger guiding Nitely, the clerics were able to turn the bulk of the creatures again, and the rest of the group finished them off. While searching the papers, they also waited to see if the pair’s vision would improve. The papers seemed to mostly contain temple records written in the Hutaakan script that Roger had started to piece together back at Xitaqa. The clerics’ vision was still gone after the better part of an hour. Several spells were tried to no effect as well. Finally, they led the clerics back out of the building and waited for the morning. The two each prayed for Cure Blindness, cast it on one another, and their vision was restored to normal.

Returning to the temple, the group investigated a room off the library and found it to be quarters for someone, but the roof was badly damaged and threatened to collapse. A hasty search revealed some robes in a cabinet.

The group decided to investigate the flame-ringed pit again. Hanging from the cage above, Ollimarus lowered a knotted rope in an effort to gauge its depth, but the rope played out at 100’ without touching bottom. Martin dropped a Fireball down the pit and saw flames roar for a moment in what looked like a larger chamber below the shaft.

Moving on, they went up on the dais near the altar and opened one of the side doors. Inside was some sort of robing/cloakroom and three ghoulish creatures which leapt at them. One paralyzed the dwarf, and Pavel’s attempt to turn them caused the same weird purple light to appear. Nitely followed up with her own attempt to turn the ghouls and two fled , crawling through a crack in the wall. The third was cut down as it tried to flee. A quick search revealed it wore a similar purple stone to the one found on the wight in the lakeside village (which Roger was currently wearing). The opposite door revealed a similar cloakroom, but no undead.

Retreating out the structure again, the party rested and Pavel cast Detect Evil on some of the items the PCs had found. His suspicions were confirmed: the brooches carried an tainted aura. Roger reluctantly removed his and hid it. The other was left behind as well.

Refreshed after a night’s sleep, the party re-entered once again, this time heading down to the secret door they had discovered after defeating the mummy.

The door led to a series of winding tunnels and, eventually, a door. Beyond the door was a room that ended in bars overlooking a slope down to a lower chamber with was a glow coming from the middle. One of the continual light stones that was dropped down the pit had landed there. Using a broken arrow with continual light cast on it tied to a grappling hook, the party threw the light out into the room over and over to see the size of it. Some blackened stone bore mute evidence of Martin’s earlier fireball spell.

The bars proved quite sturdy, so the party retreated to the hall, where they discovered a trap door leading down into another tunnel. These tunnels wound around extensively. At one point they ended at the back side of a secret door that let into the cavern at the bottom of the pit.
Lavatube1 large
After following more tunnels, the group spied a hutaakan statue at the end of one corridor. Martin moved up to check behind the figure when an ochre jelly oozed out of its mouth and attacked the mage! Its corrosive nature burning into his skin.

Martin, thinking quickly, quaffed a potion of gaseous form , floating harmlessly out of the slime’s reach. Nitely and Roger coordinated there attack to try and ignite the ooze, but only managed to singe it. The jelly closed with Pavel and set to work on dissolving the cleric’s legs.

Ollimarus, remembering an item he had been carrying for some time, pulled out a small vial of deadly poison. He stepped up and poured it on the thing’s “skin”, watching it soak into the slime. The jelly convulsed and began to crystallize, then it literally shattered into pieces and died.

Taking advantage of his vaporous state, Martin scouted ahead looking for secret doors by trying to seep through cracks in the wall. Eventually, the potion wore off and he was whole again. The party continued its exploration of the winding tunnels more mundanely.



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